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Suicide Room
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xsternchen-deactivated20130630 said: hello! i just watched suicide room for the first time tonight and i really liked it, and then i just found your blog. i have a few questions about your room on imvu, is it okay if i add you on skype and i talk to you about it there?

Yes, again my skype is BlackWhiteDice we’ll talk there.


Have been getting a lot of messages about the IMVU chatroom. Those that wish to join will need to add me on Skype, that way when enough of us are online, we can all go in together.

User: Blackwhitedice





Come and catch me baby,

I’m falling,

Come save me baby,

Don’t let me fade away,

Don’t let me fade away!

sl0wly-givinggup-deactivated201 said: So I just watched Suicide Room for the first time, and let me tell you that was an amazing movie. It was intense and it really makes people think, I loved the movie and I love your blog! x

Thank you! Yes, the movie remains my favorite film, even though its been over a year now, and for it to have such an impact is incredible! 

Interestingly enough, it was the number one film being watched in the cinemas of Poland in its third week of release.

tears-n-bones said: is dominik gay? He's the hottest guy ive ever seen, i love this movie and your blog(:

Is Dominik gay? That’s debatable. I think its safe to say that he was sexually attracted to Aleks, so he’s at least bi. 

teaacozy said: Hi, i was wondering if you could add me to the Suicide Room on IMVU? I really like your blog, and would love to join the group :) I hope it's okay :) My name is Salwahx

The room is now open, and I’ll be in there as much as I can. The room is a home for the fans of Suicide Room, so I’ll not insist on role-playing. Infact, I’ll see if it can be relatively chilled out. I don’t know what will become of it: all I know is it will always be there for us fans to gather. 

epicrainbowlove said: Wait, wait, wait.. Have you actually created a suicide room on IMVU..? If you have, could I join, please?

Of course, my user: AlfieWest. I’ll see you on there.


Look what I got cx

They look so similar, don’t they. Looks like Chatroom really was inspired by Suicide Room, lets hope more films are made in the film’s image, too!

Watch just a bit of it. This short film presents a world where heterosexuality is unacceptable, but homosexuality couldn’t be more norm.

(SuicideRoomFans Admin.)

I, Alfie, have finally finished my exams, and will now be returning to youtube soon (you may remember me as that girl that did the review of Suicide Room with those pink hearts in the background).

Today I will plan a video on Suicide Room. What topics would you like me to discuss? What questions would you like me to ask, and attempt to answer about the film and its characters? 

Basically, if you could offer some guidance on what you would like to be covered in the video, that’d be awesome. 

- Alfie.

dominik-santorski said: DOMINALEX. Like Dominatrix. Evil and sexy smooshed together into a ship name.

Aye, but catchy? And HEY! I was promised a sex-tape from Aleks!!! D:

zeldafreak64 said: Is there a ship name for Dominik and Alex?

Fans-girls and boys unite!! Submit your chosen name on our page: something catchy, please.

- Pokes Dominik & Aleks -  What happened to that sex-tape??

"You matter."
I just wanted to throw that out there. 
I want you! - No, I want you!, a suicide room/sala samobójców fanfic | FanFiction ➨

There we go, a bit of fan-fiction inspired from the IMVU Suicide Room session. 

" Dominik looked at Sylwia, ‘I just don’t want to be with you, okay? I’m - I told you - I like men.’

"You’re not fooling me," Sylwia laughed softly, "Gay or not, you like me."

"Alex, tell her!" The boy implored to the other boy.

"Why don’t we just show her?" He suggested, "Seeing is believing, right?"  "

irealllyfuckingloveyou-deactiva said: I created a IMVU, but I can't find the room, please, add me or send me a message, at least. I really love this tumblr. My user is: Katerina852

That’d be super-duper, girl! I have an exam in less than a week, so I’m not on as much as I’d like, but I’m on daily. If anyone is interested in being a ‘mod’ (someone that moderates the chatroom) to keep an eye on things, and making sure that if anyone wants to join, they are seen to, can they message me?

As I say, I can’t be on 24/7 (what with time-zone, and revision, ect.), but if there were two of us, that chat room could easily be monitored for that.