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Suicide Room
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gizmojoybot said: Hey - I've been writing (in case you were wondering where Gizzy's been), and I wanted to ask, if you were the one to write a written version of SR, how would you start?

In what way? Where the story should start? Or Where to go to get it published? Or something else. I’ll be gone for the next week, unfortunately, on a college camp. (>.<) Good to see you again, but you come with no smutty fan-fiction? Q~Q

To me I felt like she came out of her room because she knew he didn’t actually want to die that she knew she was the one to maniulate him because it seemed like he wanted to be the one to save her. When he did kill himself that she was jealous in a way because he did what she never could. But the bond they’ve created was too much for her and she knew that she owed it to him to live for him since she was one of the only things he felt comfort it and she owed him as much as to come out and live. But that’s just me.

SuicideRoomFans: Jealousy, guilt and loss? That’s interesting. Yes, that could be true, also. 

horrorhoe said: Hi! I dont know if you still get on here or not but in the movie why does Sylwia finally come out of her room? I don't get it, If she was so set on herself dying why did she act like that?

I don’t think she ever wanted to kill herself. I have experienced a lot of that online and I just ignore it. People say they’re going to kill themselves, ect, but in reality they still log in the next day. Attention-seekers and drama-lovers, nothing more. But she realized that Dominik had taken her seriously, and had killed himself, and for that she felt very guilty and upset.

She ran out of her house, I think to run away not from reality (as she did by locking herself in her room), but from the world she had made for herself to live in. Which is quite interesting now I think of it. It was the first time this world of the Suicide Room had scared her. 

They’re my thoughts anyway, I’d love to hear anyone else’s, so come to if you’d like to do just that. :3

Anyone wanna try that movie with me? I’ve only seen the thumbnail of the trailer, but it certainly looks interesting! 


Erm… guys? Can I have some help locating the film with subtitles? DX#

Eh.. Alright, nevermind.WATCH THISS!! 

For those of us that like Suicide Room for the gay aspect.

GO! GO! GO! It’ll be taken down soon!!

guardianclover said: why did all the the avatars leave the room when his mother came on? also, is chatroom a good movie as well?

They left because they were frightened that they’d encouraged him to kill himself, and thus had a part in killing him and no-one wanted to be held responsible for that.

Chatroom looks like a great film. I watched about half of it or something, but as soon as it got a bit dark, it pissed me off. I for one love chat-rooms, and the film seems to be adding to the stigma of them. But by all means try the film, the first half was great!

thelostarmyofneverboys-deactiva said: Also, just gotta add some fan squeals here. The judo scene- mmph. Dominik's little gasps- mmmpph. That face of his them gasps gah that was so cute and so sexy!! Ok I'm done

And look at the way Dominik clenches his teeth … *p* Such a pity that Aleks was silent.

thelostarmyofneverboys-deactiva said: Not a question just a comment. Searching suicide room on google gets you the whole movie with English subs on YouTube as one of the first hits. Saw a lot of people on here looking for it and thought I might just let you know. If you want for keeps you can use YouTube downloader which is not illegal since it's a YouTube product

Oh, yes. That’s how I got the movie. So for those that want the movie, keep a look out on youtube, then use site like and Youtube downloader to download the film.

letliving said: Please update when you make the IMVU room... Thank you. I enjoy your blog

Tis done! Do you have Skype as well, the members and I tend to communicate via that, much quicker.


Well, we’ll be openning the Suicide Room soon on IMVU, feeling a bit nervous: wish us luck!!

inganhyeong said: Hey! I'm trying to find movie like Suicide Room, but I can't find. Do you know any movie like that?

Chatroom. An English version of it, but no gay-ness. D:

xsternchen-deactivated20130630 said: hello! i just watched suicide room for the first time tonight and i really liked it, and then i just found your blog. i have a few questions about your room on imvu, is it okay if i add you on skype and i talk to you about it there?

Yes, again my skype is BlackWhiteDice we’ll talk there.


Have been getting a lot of messages about the IMVU chatroom. Those that wish to join will need to add me on Skype, that way when enough of us are online, we can all go in together.

User: Blackwhitedice





Come and catch me baby,

I’m falling,

Come save me baby,

Don’t let me fade away,

Don’t let me fade away!