Suicide Room

There we go, a bit of fan-fiction inspired from the IMVU Suicide Room session. 

" Dominik looked at Sylwia, ‘I just don’t want to be with you, okay? I’m - I told you - I like men.’

"You’re not fooling me," Sylwia laughed softly, "Gay or not, you like me."

"Alex, tell her!" The boy implored to the other boy.

"Why don’t we just show her?" He suggested, "Seeing is believing, right?"  "

I created a IMVU, but I can't find the room, please, add me or send me a message, at least. I really love this tumblr. My user is: Katerina852

That’d be super-duper, girl! I have an exam in less than a week, so I’m not on as much as I’d like, but I’m on daily. If anyone is interested in being a ‘mod’ (someone that moderates the chatroom) to keep an eye on things, and making sure that if anyone wants to join, they are seen to, can they message me?

As I say, I can’t be on 24/7 (what with time-zone, and revision, ect.), but if there were two of us, that chat room could easily be monitored for that. 


so in reply to this post, people were suggesting in my inbox that I use srs bznss photos instead of my derpy photos, so here goes absolutely nothing :)














I'm new to IMVU and my user name is NattInDarkness. idk if u want to invite me to the suicide room or what, but im obbsessed with the movie! i would love to join. :)

WOOP-WOOP!! Now, question for all of you. Should the room be something you can join, like it was in the movie? Or should the room just be like a hang-out for those that like the film? 

I’ll (AlfieWest) invite you there, say tonight, NattInDarkness?



The very reason I love the movie so much, Dominik.

I just joined IMVU so I could be a part of your roleplay... I'm Guest_Artigin !

Awesome!! I’ll add you (AlfieWest), which character would you like to be? We can swap roles as we go, but to start off with I want to be Aleks. We have 2 sanarios available to us, i) Alex and Sylwia fighting over Dominik, or ii) Dominik and Alex … having … nice time. 

I’ll contact you later in the evening (8:00-ish pm UK-time).


Your SuicideRoom on IMVU is such beautifull.. but why is it an Roleplay?

I just thought that’d be fun, having an Alex and Dominik, and Sylwia to talk to. Its an idea, if it doesn’t float, it can be a hangout for us nerds. 

Hey, I made a account in IMVU. My user is alexemptysoul. Invite me :)

Pfft. I would if you were online. I am, anyway, if anyone wants to come kill sometime on IMVU with us, they are more than welcome. Infact, I’ll see if I can set up a ‘tiny chat’ so those with microphones can have an even more life-like Suicide Room. 

If you can’t join us on IMVU, ( here’s my Suicide Room related tinychat, where we can talk about the movie together, for those of us that could talk on and on about the movie. 

This is my Suicide Room Fanfiction called Second Chance. I have been writing this since February and I am up to the eighth chapter (currently working on the ninth one at the moment) It is basically an alternate ending in which Dominik survives and his journey to recovery.

The main pairing is DominikxAleks.

Hope everyone likes this <3

To any character. Is there any game at all that is very similar to the one in this movie? ;n;

Listen to me! I’ve just made it! Come one, come all: the Suicide Room is open. Get an IMVU account (, and meet me there tonight. The room is called “@SuicideRoom (Role-Play)” and is owner by the user iDominikSantorski. If you are new to the site, send me your user, and I will happily invite you there, so you don’t get lost.

Here is a picture of the room, isn’t it wonderful?image


I did a thing!

It’s Sylwia’s Avatar from the Suicide Room!


I love Suicide room

I’m one of suicide room fans too.

i knew Jakub Gierszal from this movie 

please visit Jakub Gierszal facebook page

and my Jakub Gierszal tumblr  :)

thanks a lot

Come on, if you’ve seen the film: make a review!! There should be more of these out there!! (^^)