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Suicide Room
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strayweirdmisty said: I just watched suicide room today and I loved it! although it was very sad and there are quite a few that can relate.Even though I really enjoyed the movie I had wondered what would it be like if Dominik hadn't died and I just wanted to show you this rebelliIng/fan fiction of it if you wanted too:) I love this blog by the way!

Any fan-fiction what so ever would be much appreciated!

always-here-babe said: I can beat 7 times. I've watch it atleast twice a week and have been for years ♥

Holy fuckk..

goodnightandgoodbyex said: I love this movie so much *-*! I wish there was a makeup tutorial for Sylwia's makeup.. I guess ill have to try it myself and stuff :3

Yeah, I’ve no idea how to go about doing a make-up tutorial. If anyone feels inspired feel free to share!

hitchhiking-to-maine said: I personally kinda liked the ending, but I also wish they'd shown 1. A scene with Sylvia moving on and getting better and 2. Aleks confessing to dominik (fb message or his grave) and saying he really did like him back ♡ (I've seen it ~7 times)

Exactly. I really wanted a scene to show Sylwia getting better, and more than that, I wanted a scene for characters (like Aleks) to reveal their true colours. 7 times? Can anyone beat that?

bvbtdg27 said: I was just wondering if in the self harm video that Dominik came across, if it was Sylvia's arm in the video?

It was yes, that’s how the two met. Through a comment he made on the video. I think that’s what happened anyway.

Bartosz Gelner (who plays Aleksander Lubomirski) is now in another gay-role in Floating Skyscrapers. Is he trying to tell us something? c;

A Low-Down on the Judo-Scene:

The judo scene starts off with Dominik and Aleks being paired to fight each-other by their instructor. The two then bow to one-another and grin knowingly in the light of the events of the last 24-hours (the kiss, the flirting in class, ect). 

Then the two go on to fight. Aleks (being a higher belt than Dominik) wins three *rounds* before Dominik becomes really determined to win. So instead of Aleks making the first move, Dominik straight-out lunges for him, and the two fall to the ground, Aleks on top.

Aleks pins him down, and they wrestle for a bit, and (I think) Dominik struggles to fight his sexual-excitement (this explains his panting).

He clenches his eyes closed, as he loses the battle - there’s nothing he can do to stop his erection pressing against Aleks. Really I see this as a declaration of his love for Aleks, but instead of most declarations like this, he didn’t have a choice not to tell him.

He pressed against Aleks - it feels good, and (it is my guess) that he was consumed with desire. He opens his eyes, and looks at Aleks. Almost as if he feels that  his affections have been somehow returned. 

Nothing could be further from the truth, however. As Aleks looks at him, bewildered and alarmed. Personally, I believe he liked Dominik, and that it is also in this moment that he panicked. This wasn’t playing around anymore, his friend without a doubt had a crush on him.

Dominik’s foot flops down, as all those built up feelings (of both lust and love) have been released. As if everything he’d been hiding for the past few months have been both uncovered and accepted. Dominik doesn’t seem to have understood Aleks’ body language. 

To this Aleks smirks (out of nerves and the sheer scariness of the situation, I think). He get off of Dominik, and Dominik looks down to see a familiar bulge. To this Aleks laughs, saying “Bloody hell!” 

Humiliated, Dominik is forced to make a swift exit to the changing rooms. 




Keep a villain on you at all times. Their sass breaks up the monotony.


This is just … So so good. :D

I know this isn’t Suicide Room related. But I just thought it’d make some of you smile.



And I’m sure he misses me.

What a prick.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that that face, though.. *.*

imamnstrs said: Are there any more blogs that involve this movie that you know of? That’s always a good one. c:

I just wanted to say. Tomorrow’s Monday. And I know what you’re thinking, because I’m thinking it too: “Oh Lord.. I don’t want to see them..”

They don’t understand you. Whether that be parents, teachers, your friends or enemies, whatever. But that’s okay. Just because they don’t understand, doesn’t mean what’s inside is bad. 


My Dad’s going to turn off the internet while I’m out. I feel like Dominik. Like my air-supply’s going to be cut! DX

If this had been playing at the end of Suicide Room when the credits started rolling, I think the lot of us would be crying!

Well, seeing as how the guy posted his story on here. I wanna say this:

im that girl that he’s talking about.

We are and always will be best friends I feel terrible that i lost feelings for him, but i do love him, he is still the sweetest guy I know and he will always be so very special to me, no matter how much he tries to push me away. When i saw that he was in the hospital because i tried to kill myself, i wanted to cry so much. I was so sad, yet flattered (which tbh i don’t even think is the word for it.) He’s still the sweetest guy ever, no matter what him and i go through, i’ll always love him for him. Because he’s always going to be my best friend, not just some online friend either. Best friend. Always.

SuicideRoomFans: Assuming that’s you, I think I can speak for us all and say we sympathize for the both of you, and that we hope everything will be okay eventually. 

Idk if your care or not but here is the rest of the story…..

After we saw eachother in the hospital we were both so happy. But it sucks we really couldnt talk to eachother much. The hospital had a strict thing against boys sitting with girls and all that stuff. It didnt stop us from occasionally talking and always looking eachother in the eyes. We would pass letters to eachother in the hospital, and I kept them all actually. They sit in my room in this special little chest. I remember one night during movie night they didnt catch us sitting next to eachother because it was very dim in the room. It felt almost magical just being able to sit next to her after all this time. Earlier in the day they had a little “Therapy” thing where you have a piece of paper with your name on it. And it was passed around the room and people would write something good about you. Well it was sitting next to me. And I didnt see it but during the movie she picked up the piece of paper and wrote something on the back. I will try to take a picture of it soon…It was the first time she said she loved me. When I read it I almost started crying. After we were out of the hospital we continued to talk online. We were planning on going out. We really were, I thought she was honestly perfect. But for some reason I was still sad. Honestly looking back on it, it fusterates me why I was sad. It was only a week I got out of the hospital I was hysterical crying. To a point where I got the pills and everything and I told her I was going to kill myself. She called the police, she knew my phone number so they tracked where the address was. I was handcuffed and sent to a different hospital. I am crying as I type this because the next day was suppose to be our first date. Honestly she was the only girl I have ever truly loved. In this hospital I started writing, allot. Because I still thought we were going to go out. I wrote her a 40 page journal. I remember one thing distinctly I wrote “I found out what love is…Your the definition of it.” I wrote so much in this journal. And I was so excited to leave the hospital. As soon as I got home I went online to talk to her. And she has a boyfriend….She didnt wait for me….I asked her why, and she just said she didnt like me like that anymore. I cried….Just so much. But I kept that journal I wrote for about a week. Until I got a friend to drive me to her house. Where she walked outside at night. This was the first time I saw her since the first hospital. I walked up to her, I wanted to just kiss her so much. Instead all I could do, was give a hug. Give her the journal, and say “I still love you”. And thats where I am today.