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Suicide Room
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torndreamstornskin said: Just wanted to know, is your IMVU Suicide Room still "alive" ? And if yes, may I come ?

Its not. I didn’t have enough to time to do it properly, and neither did either of the two that I worked with it on. Time-zones were also an issue, making it hard to find enough users online at one time to make it work. 

If anyone wants to take this project and do something with it, by all means try it, but you may well run into these problems too.

However, I’ll probably try and arrange a Tinychat, Oovoo or Skype call with fans of the film every now and then. 

foxpetalss said: I'm 13 and bi. Idk how to come out. Other people have and they were shunned. I talk to those people. I have few friends but I want to be able to come out and not get judged. I'm already judged a lot. (Btw. Love your page.. And the movie..)

This is my advise to you, and it is by no means perfect. Don’t come out. Not yet. You’re 13, and you rely heavily on your parents, and with learning information like that, they could all sorts of fucked up stuff that could endanger or ruin your future. I’ve got a friend whose mother went as far as to put him in care for coming out as gay. She took him back, and he’s fine now, but that really rocked him.

I’m actually gender-queer/gender-fluid. I alternate between genders, but with my parents being both religious and trans-phobic, I have to wait until I actually move before I can not only actually look gender-queer.

When I do move out, and this is what I’m suggesting to you, I’ll send them a letter with photographs, explaining how I feel. 

Also. About being judged. Just wait ‘til you hit college. I don’t know what its like where you’re from, but in the UK, no-one judges there. Its awesome.

- Alfie

Seriously considering setting up Oovoo or Tinychat so some of us can actually talk.

Sound like a plan? 

(Oovoo and Tinychat are free)


I tried

Holy fuck, that’s awesome!

strayweirdmisty said: I just watched suicide room today and I loved it! although it was very sad and there are quite a few that can relate.Even though I really enjoyed the movie I had wondered what would it be like if Dominik hadn't died and I just wanted to show you this rebelliIng/fan fiction of it if you wanted too:) I love this blog by the way!

Any fan-fiction what so ever would be much appreciated!

always-here-babe said: I can beat 7 times. I've watch it atleast twice a week and have been for years ♥

Holy fuckk..

goodnightandgoodbyex said: I love this movie so much *-*! I wish there was a makeup tutorial for Sylwia's makeup.. I guess ill have to try it myself and stuff :3

Yeah, I’ve no idea how to go about doing a make-up tutorial. If anyone feels inspired feel free to share!

hitchhiking-to-maine said: I personally kinda liked the ending, but I also wish they'd shown 1. A scene with Sylvia moving on and getting better and 2. Aleks confessing to dominik (fb message or his grave) and saying he really did like him back ♡ (I've seen it ~7 times)

Exactly. I really wanted a scene to show Sylwia getting better, and more than that, I wanted a scene for characters (like Aleks) to reveal their true colours. 7 times? Can anyone beat that?

penguinsandbands said: I was just wondering if in the self harm video that Dominik came across, if it was Sylvia's arm in the video?

It was yes, that’s how the two met. Through a comment he made on the video. I think that’s what happened anyway.

Bartosz Gelner (who plays Aleksander Lubomirski) is now in another gay-role in Floating Skyscrapers. Is he trying to tell us something? c;

A Low-Down on the Judo-Scene:

The judo scene starts off with Dominik and Aleks being paired to fight each-other by their instructor. The two then bow to one-another and grin knowingly in the light of the events of the last 24-hours (the kiss, the flirting in class, ect). 

Then the two go on to fight. Aleks (being a higher belt than Dominik) wins three *rounds* before Dominik becomes really determined to win. So instead of Aleks making the first move, Dominik straight-out lunges for him, and the two fall to the ground, Aleks on top.

Aleks pins him down, and they wrestle for a bit, and (I think) Dominik struggles to fight his sexual-excitement (this explains his panting).

He clenches his eyes closed, as he loses the battle - there’s nothing he can do to stop his erection pressing against Aleks. Really I see this as a declaration of his love for Aleks, but instead of most declarations like this, he didn’t have a choice not to tell him.

He pressed against Aleks - it feels good, and (it is my guess) that he was consumed with desire. He opens his eyes, and looks at Aleks. Almost as if he feels that  his affections have been somehow returned. 

Nothing could be further from the truth, however. As Aleks looks at him, bewildered and alarmed. Personally, I believe he liked Dominik, and that it is also in this moment that he panicked. This wasn’t playing around anymore, his friend without a doubt had a crush on him.

Dominik’s foot flops down, as all those built up feelings (of both lust and love) have been released. As if everything he’d been hiding for the past few months have been both uncovered and accepted. Dominik doesn’t seem to have understood Aleks’ body language. 

To this Aleks smirks (out of nerves and the sheer scariness of the situation, I think). He get off of Dominik, and Dominik looks down to see a familiar bulge. To this Aleks laughs, saying “Bloody hell!” 

Humiliated, Dominik is forced to make a swift exit to the changing rooms. 




Keep a villain on you at all times. Their sass breaks up the monotony.


This is just … So so good. :D

I know this isn’t Suicide Room related. But I just thought it’d make some of you smile.



And I’m sure he misses me.

What a prick.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that that face, though.. *.*

lucidnightsss said: Are there any more blogs that involve this movie that you know of? That’s always a good one. c: