Suicide Room
Did you like the ending to the movie, or would you prefer something else happened? I just watched for the first time and I'll say it was great, but I really didn't like Sylvia much. In my opinion, she broke Dominick. He would've been better off not meeting her. He wouldn't have killed himself. Maybe it's just me, but I'm curious for your opinion.

My perfect ending would be that Aleks found out about the Suicide Room, saw that it wasn’t doing him any good, and got him out of it. The two would live there lives in a secret relationship. 


For those who think that’s far-fetched, I would at least have a funeral scene for Dominik. His class-mates and perhaps Sylwia would be present, and I think this could give us an insight into the hearts of the characters.

How would Aleks feel after the death of Dominik, knowing he had played a role in his death? That’s what I want to know most of all. 

In my dreams, Dominik found Alex and a random girl making out outside the bathroom, instead of those two people. They three have those weird fun, but when Dom starts to vomit, Alex hurry and take him to the hospital. He survives and do not come back to the game. The two boys slowly fall in love. After like, a year, Alex post a photo of him kissing Dom’s lips on his fb page. Someone of the Suicide Room sees it and shows to Sylvia. She comite suicide. I know it would be a cliche and the original story is much better and shocking. But it how it feels right to me.

SuicideRoomFans: This is much better!! 


Am I the only one that wishes there were more films like Suicide Room out there? 

I’m looking round at my room now, wishing I had poster after poster stuck to my wall of Suicide Room scenes. I just wish there was more merchandise. Maybe that’s just me being nerdy. ^^’


I’ve noticed this is a great fan blog for Suicide Room, and I didn’t realize I didn’t follow you because I do check up on this blog. I have two accounts so it gets confusing.

Basically, I wanted to let you know not long ago I started a network for Suicide Room fans. Basically, there’s a main gathering blog where there are posts from the movie, etc. When you become a member, you get added to the /members page, and then get added to a sideblog which is locked which serves as a private chat so that people can talk to other members by posting. It works really well and it’s great to meet other fans. It’s like a room for suicide room fans, haha

Anyways, I wanted to let you know and I hope you can let your followers know! If you do decide to share the network (which would be great so we add to the population of members) if you could please make a new post rather than publishing this submission, that would be great. 

Thanks so much! If you have any questions feel free to ask me. 


Admin of The Suicide Room Network

Hey! Do you know of a link where I can watch the movie in full English?

Once again, the film is available on YouTube with subtitles:

Sums up most of Suicide Room.

You may not like him, but I thought the quote was good. 

You may not like him, but I thought the quote was good. 

Reblog for definitely.
Like for possibly. 

Reblog for definitely.

Like for possibly. 

I had an IMVU account, and have been member since 2011. I haven't used it since I got hacked, and I lost some good friends and a good account. Are you doing some project on IMVU about suicide room?

I wish to remake the Suicide Room within IMVU, I guess as a roleplay. I’m sorry to hear your account got hacked, but as you’ve experienced, good friends can be found on there, and I think its the best place to host such a place.

The only other option was Second Life, but the site is too complicated, and requires a user to pay for most of the features. 

Suicide Room Chat-Room.

I have been asked on a number of occasions about the current state of the Suicide Room chat-room is. Well here it is:

am at college now, and I can’t study and organize this project, certainly not alone. If there were maybe a couple more willing to be present for sessions, then the chat-room could work. 

If anyone is interested please contact my IMVU user - AlfieWest.

i need the final part of the movie. do you have? Entire movie, there you go. 

Is there any movies like suicide room... I really like that movie but I want something else...

Try chatroom. I kinda wound me up in the end, because it seemed like it was having a go at chatrooms in general, saying that they were full of dark, manipulative people. Which they’re not. (-_-) But, yes: try Chatroom. Its from the UK. Like me. :)

i have spent the day watching movies and i really want to watch suicide room. can i please have the link?
I just watched suicide room for the first time, I was in hysterics and I was shaking and my dad had to come down and see if I was ok and oh my god it was so sad and ripped me apart but is now my favourite movie I love it.

The film almost killed me. THOSE FEELS. :C

I suppose…


ooc; I suppose that I’m in search of a new Alex, since the one I had originally started with doesn’t come on anymore. This (and the fact that Sylvia has disappeared again) saddens me more than you can imagine.

If anyone would like to role play with a literate, attentive Dominik, feel free to contact me.