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Suicide Room
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And I’m sure he misses me.

What a prick.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that that face, though.. *.*

imamnstrs said: Are there any more blogs that involve this movie that you know of? That’s always a good one. c:

I just wanted to say. Tomorrow’s Monday. And I know what you’re thinking, because I’m thinking it too: “Oh Lord.. I don’t want to see them..”

They don’t understand you. Whether that be parents, teachers, your friends or enemies, whatever. But that’s okay. Just because they don’t understand, doesn’t mean what’s inside is bad. 


My Dad’s going to turn off the internet while I’m out. I feel like Dominik. Like my air-supply’s going to be cut! DX

If this had been playing at the end of Suicide Room when the credits started rolling, I think the lot of us would be crying!

Well, seeing as how the guy posted his story on here. I wanna say this:

im that girl that he’s talking about.

We are and always will be best friends I feel terrible that i lost feelings for him, but i do love him, he is still the sweetest guy I know and he will always be so very special to me, no matter how much he tries to push me away. When i saw that he was in the hospital because i tried to kill myself, i wanted to cry so much. I was so sad, yet flattered (which tbh i don’t even think is the word for it.) He’s still the sweetest guy ever, no matter what him and i go through, i’ll always love him for him. Because he’s always going to be my best friend, not just some online friend either. Best friend. Always.

SuicideRoomFans: Assuming that’s you, I think I can speak for us all and say we sympathize for the both of you, and that we hope everything will be okay eventually. 

Idk if your care or not but here is the rest of the story…..

After we saw eachother in the hospital we were both so happy. But it sucks we really couldnt talk to eachother much. The hospital had a strict thing against boys sitting with girls and all that stuff. It didnt stop us from occasionally talking and always looking eachother in the eyes. We would pass letters to eachother in the hospital, and I kept them all actually. They sit in my room in this special little chest. I remember one night during movie night they didnt catch us sitting next to eachother because it was very dim in the room. It felt almost magical just being able to sit next to her after all this time. Earlier in the day they had a little “Therapy” thing where you have a piece of paper with your name on it. And it was passed around the room and people would write something good about you. Well it was sitting next to me. And I didnt see it but during the movie she picked up the piece of paper and wrote something on the back. I will try to take a picture of it soon…It was the first time she said she loved me. When I read it I almost started crying. After we were out of the hospital we continued to talk online. We were planning on going out. We really were, I thought she was honestly perfect. But for some reason I was still sad. Honestly looking back on it, it fusterates me why I was sad. It was only a week I got out of the hospital I was hysterical crying. To a point where I got the pills and everything and I told her I was going to kill myself. She called the police, she knew my phone number so they tracked where the address was. I was handcuffed and sent to a different hospital. I am crying as I type this because the next day was suppose to be our first date. Honestly she was the only girl I have ever truly loved. In this hospital I started writing, allot. Because I still thought we were going to go out. I wrote her a 40 page journal. I remember one thing distinctly I wrote “I found out what love is…Your the definition of it.” I wrote so much in this journal. And I was so excited to leave the hospital. As soon as I got home I went online to talk to her. And she has a boyfriend….She didnt wait for me….I asked her why, and she just said she didnt like me like that anymore. I cried….Just so much. But I kept that journal I wrote for about a week. Until I got a friend to drive me to her house. Where she walked outside at night. This was the first time I saw her since the first hospital. I walked up to her, I wanted to just kiss her so much. Instead all I could do, was give a hug. Give her the journal, and say “I still love you”. And thats where I am today.

I remember me about to watch this about a year ago on Netflix. But I ultimately decided not to watch it because I was for some reason turned off by the fact it was in a different language. And I watched it recently and it completely just changed my outlook on everything…..And its weird I can really strongly relate to Dominik. I spend day after day in my bedroom on this computer talking to mainly this one girl. Who I met really online but she lives in the same town. We would spend literally all day and night talking to eachother, and skyping each other. We would talk about deep things. Like our emotions, our depression. We would try to make one another happy when one of us would feel down. It was like we were dependent on eachother. We pretty much became best friends through this computer. I can honestly say she saved my life a few times… Until one day, I wont forget. I was feeling depressed all day, and talking about how I dont want to live anymore. She was trying so hard to make me feel better but for some reason I couldn’t snap out of it. I told her I was gonna be fine and that I just need to sleep. And then the next day I found out she had tried to kill herself. I broke down so much similar to the way Sylwia did. It felt like something was missing from me. I couldn’t stop crying. I didnt know if she was was dead or not. All I knew was what she tried to do and that she was in the hospital. I couldn’t really take it anymore. The cuts were getting so bad I knew I was about to try to end it aswell. I actually told my grandparents, something they never knew I was dealing with. They brought me to the hospital since there were really bad cuts on each arm. After the hospital cleaned the cuts and everything they sent me to a Mental hospital. It was around 4am when I arrived at the hospital. I layed down in my hard mattress and napped for 3 hours exhausted at the entire day. At 7am once we all had to get up. I was the last one to walk into the day room. And that’s when I saw her for the first time….

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s-trinity said: Did you like the ending to the movie, or would you prefer something else happened? I just watched for the first time and I'll say it was great, but I really didn't like Sylvia much. In my opinion, she broke Dominick. He would've been better off not meeting her. He wouldn't have killed himself. Maybe it's just me, but I'm curious for your opinion.

My perfect ending would be that Aleks found out about the Suicide Room, saw that it wasn’t doing him any good, and got him out of it. The two would live there lives in a secret relationship. 


For those who think that’s far-fetched, I would at least have a funeral scene for Dominik. His class-mates and perhaps Sylwia would be present, and I think this could give us an insight into the hearts of the characters.

How would Aleks feel after the death of Dominik, knowing he had played a role in his death? That’s what I want to know most of all. 

In my dreams, Dominik found Alex and a random girl making out outside the bathroom, instead of those two people. They three have those weird fun, but when Dom starts to vomit, Alex hurry and take him to the hospital. He survives and do not come back to the game. The two boys slowly fall in love. After like, a year, Alex post a photo of him kissing Dom’s lips on his fb page. Someone of the Suicide Room sees it and shows to Sylvia. She comite suicide. I know it would be a cliche and the original story is much better and shocking. But it how it feels right to me.

SuicideRoomFans: This is much better!! 


Am I the only one that wishes there were more films like Suicide Room out there? 

I’m looking round at my room now, wishing I had poster after poster stuck to my wall of Suicide Room scenes. I just wish there was more merchandise. Maybe that’s just me being nerdy. ^^’

The Suicide Room Network ➨


I’ve noticed this is a great fan blog for Suicide Room, and I didn’t realize I didn’t follow you because I do check up on this blog. I have two accounts so it gets confusing.

Basically, I wanted to let you know not long ago I started a network for Suicide Room fans. Basically, there’s a main gathering blog where there are posts from the movie, etc. When you become a member, you get added to the /members page, and then get added to a sideblog which is locked which serves as a private chat so that people can talk to other members by posting. It works really well and it’s great to meet other fans. It’s like a room for suicide room fans, haha

Anyways, I wanted to let you know and I hope you can let your followers know! If you do decide to share the network (which would be great so we add to the population of members) if you could please make a new post rather than publishing this submission, that would be great. 

Thanks so much! If you have any questions feel free to ask me. 


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dead-desire42 said: Hey! Do you know of a link where I can watch the movie in full English?

Once again, the film is available on YouTube with subtitles: