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Suicide Room
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Just about to start, again to join in add prince-plod on Oovoo.

Guys I just made an oovoo account, you can add me @ Prince-Plod. The session will start in a couple of hours. 

unassuming-chameleon said: I literally just found your blog and after years of thinking I was the only one who likes this movie it's great to have found out that I was wrong. Also when are you gonna do another oovoo chat as it seems I missed the first one.

I’m trying to do it every friday. We’ll do one today, and maybe we’ll do it with oovoo. With Tinychat people just come and go without saying hi and its so awkward. XD

The film arrived today.

And here’s the result of it. 

It started out with a kiss
How did it end up like this?
It was only a kiss
It was only a kiss

Suicide Room Hangout ➨

(I’ll wait for one of you to say hi before I say anything..)

suicideemoboy said: How does one join in on this Tinychat that'll be happening? Sound like it could be fun c:

A link will be posted. Though a Google+ Hangout might be made instead, as Tinychat can sometimes be buggy.

There will be Tinychat later on today! Hope some of you can make it. This will be at 7pm Pacific Time.


So this happened the other day…

luzvargas said: Is the tinychat or oovo actually happening? I would love it!!

Yes! Next week (30th - 31st) I’ll be left alone in my house for the weekend, then we’ll do it.

A Sylwia Make-up Tutorial!


Normal boy.

Mysterious girl.

In her world nothing was real.

For him it becomes true…

Nick is not a name.

World is not a Matrix.

Life is not a game.

“Hall of Suicides”

The page has had a make-over. :D